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If I can figure out how to reward a bounty I will give on if you can answer this question for me...

The book I'm using to learn Yii, is telling me that we're going to use the yiic shell command to invoke other commands.

To use yiic shell, it's telling me

cd /Webroot/demo

So I moved into my demo folder, which is inside htdocs on my MAMP setup. See first image below.

It is then telling me, from within my demo folder, to execute this

  YiiRoot/framework/yiic shell

where it defines the YiiRoot as "the folder where I have installed Yii". In my set up, I believe YiiRoot is htdocs. See image 2 below.

so, from within demo folder, I tried running

htdocs/framework/yiic shell

and also

/htdocs/framework/yiic shell

but in both cases I get "no such file or directory"

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Demo and Framework inside htdocs

demo in htdocs

Yiic Inside Framework

Yiic inframework

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I believe you can't award a bounty until the question has been live for 48 hours. –  k to the z May 26 '11 at 13:22

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For linux-like filesystem. Run next commands

cd /htdocs/demo/
./protected/yiic shell index.php

Please notice that probably your also need to set execution permission for yiic file

chmod +x /htdocs/demo/protected/yiic
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It didn't work because the shell has been deprecated and it needs to be done with Gii

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