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In grails if you want to map to particular HTTP methods you normally use according to documentation:

static allowedMethods = [action1: 'GET', action2: 'POST']

but for me it does not always properly map my links.

If I use 'def':

def allowedMethods = [action1: 'GET', action2: 'POST']

Then the links are mapped correctly but the resource is then not found when using the link.


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I'm not sure what your question is here. The documentation clearly states that this property should be static, e.g.

static allowedMethods = [action1:'POST', action3: 'POST']

so if you don't declare it as a static property, I'm not surprised that you run into problems.

If you declare the property as shown above and are sure it's not working, then report this as a bug. I expect that the Grails developers will be sceptical about whether this is really a bug in their code, so I strongly recommend including in your report a sample application or unit test that demonstrates the problem.

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