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Has anybody used the HQAPI to fetch the metrics of a resource programmatically? I want a sample code which uses the HQAPI to fetch the metrics of a resource.

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There is a treasure trove of examples here http://svn.hyperic.org/projects/hqapi/trunk/src/org/hyperic/hq/hqapi1/test/

and I am trying to put together some explanation here http://www.javamonamour.org/2012/05/creating-alert-recovery-with-hyperic.html

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    The are actually lot of ways you could do this.
    1)  Run the plain old hqapi.sh resource list (or like ) commands, which could be very slow 

2) Paste directly in your browser window a restful url like shown below


3) Use curl to achieve that as shown below

curl -u hqadmin "http://__host__:7080/hqu/hqapi1/alertdefinition/listDefinitions.hqu?resourceId=10201"

4) I personally like using a scripting language like python to do this. 5) Then there is groovy script which you can run in groovy console under administration tab. Check the hqapi1 hqu plugin - Now that is a treasure of information!
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