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I have this custom sorter on a dataTable:

jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oSort['abbr-date-asc']  = function(a,b) { 
  var x = a.match(/abbr="(.*?)"/)[1]; 
  var y = b.match(/abbr="(.*?)"/)[1]; 
  return ((x < y) ? -1 : ((x > y) ?  1 : 0)); 

When I enter the debugger what is in the A variable is OLD HTML, i.e what is there when the page is first drawn. After the page is drawn and in the onReady function before this code ^^ is executed I redraw the TDS in my table to be different HTML that I want this custom sorter to pick up. It is picking up the old stuff. Any idea?


<span abbr="">     
    <span class="localtimeUTC" style="display: none;">Dec 03, 2011</span>
    <span class="localtimeUTCabbr" style="display: none;">2011-12-03</span>   

And this is the HTML on the page at the time of click when I want to sort it:

<span abbr="2011-12-03">Dec 03, 2011</span>

It is picking up the original. I have tried using bUseRendered: false in the table definition, no dice. I tried converting the sort function to a closure, no dice.

  jQuery('#my_table').dataTable( { 
    "bJQueryUI": true, 
    "bAutoWidth": false, 
    "bUseRendered" : false, 
    "aoColumns" : [ 
    { sWidth: '5%', bSortable: false, bSearchable: false }, 
    { sWidth: '35%' }, 
    { sWidth: '15%' }, 
    { sWidth: '15%', sType: 'abbr-date', bSortDataType: "abbr-date" }, 
    { sWidth: '30%', bSortable: false, bSearchable: false } 
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what debugger are you using? –  Mutt May 26 '11 at 13:08
Firebug. Also I found UseRendered here: datatables.net/usage/columns but I have not gotten it to work yet, still passing in the old elements on my custom sort type. I should modify the question with the HTML. –  tesserakt May 26 '11 at 13:12
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OK I found the answer: I was not using DataTable properly. I was re-rendering TDs using my own JS outside of the DataTable but using a combination of

fnRender bUseRendered: false Firebug

I was able to have the current, proper HTML returned. It turns out that DataTable keeps a cache of the original table by default and by using these two things I was able to get current HTML.

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Can you tell exactly how to fix, since i am also facing the same... –  ASD Dec 27 '12 at 4:22
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