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I am trying to create an android application that uses Ksoap2, I wanna check the web service availability before using any processing, because if i don't my program just crash.

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What about wrapping your transport code into try/catch? – ernazm May 26 '11 at 13:37
I tried but it doesn't work – Mehdi May 26 '11 at 15:11
Then you tried it wrong, coz it should work. You can share your code so smn would point you to your mistake. – ernazm May 27 '11 at 7:28
I shared my code, thank you for your interest – Mehdi May 27 '11 at 10:51
It seems that there's no unhandled exception. Post the stack trace of the exception that cause a crash. – ernazm May 27 '11 at 10:57

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Let's try SOAP UI ( It provides a GUI of SOAP service so that you can run and see if returned data is null or not.

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How does it work ? – Mehdi May 26 '11 at 15:13

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