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I am trying to avoid running through DNS servers to get an email message to an address on one of my hosted virtual accounts.

I know I can surround the IP address with square brackets but how do I designate the mailbox username for the (virtual) hosted account on the server?

In other words,

  • I have multiple domains hosted on a virtual server -- all sharing the same IP address
  • obviously, works fine
  • but how do I send to user@[123.456.78.90]

Is what I want to do, possible?


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A virtual host needs a domain name in order to figure out what to do. You want to send it to an IP address instead of a domain name. Thus it is not going to work through normal methods. You might be able to specify a "default" domain if none match Otherwise, your only hope is to manually forge email. By this, I mean:

telnet 123.456.78.9 25
HELO myhostname.mydomain
MAIL From: <myemail@mydomain>
RCPT To: <>
From: myemail@mydomain
Subject: Testing

This is a test
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what about to fake domain name to an IP format? Domains are only used to allow multiple instances over same IP. I guess the real problem is not send it, the problem is the receiver will NOT accept your connection withoud a email. Some of them will not accept you based on rules/lists/test and some other, so remove hostname/domain will be a fast way to get out the system. – erm3nda Dec 30 '14 at 7:53

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