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I'm trying to get projects working in solaris 9 (SPARC), so I can limit some users memory usage.

From what I've read, and from what I recall in solaris 10, I should be able to just

  1. Create a group (prodsupt), and make this the users default group
  2. Create a project called "group.prodsupt"
  3. limit the resource in the group.

I've done this, however my user still is not getting limited resources

> grep prodsupt /etc/group
> grep prodsupt /etc/project
group.prodsupt:100:Production Support Project:::process.max-address-space=(privileged.16777216.deny)

This should limit anyone with the prodsupt as their default, to about 16mb of address space, however, if I login as a user in this group

> id -p
id=1055(mwatson) gid=6011(prodsupt) projid=100(group.prodsupt)
> prctl -n process.max-address-space $$
3084:   zsh
process.max-address-space                [ lowerable deny no-local-action ]
   18446744073709551615 system     deny           [ max ]

Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong here?

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The issue was typo's in the permissions.

group.prodsupt:100:Production Support Project:::process.max-address-space=(privileged.16777216.deny)

should have been

group.prodsupt:100:Production Support Project:::process.max-address-space=(privileged,16777216,deny)

This fixed the problem.

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