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I am developing an application (WPF & MVVM) that loads data from an Excel file (1997 - 2010) into a number of SQL Server (2005 and above) tables.

The app loads data from Excel into a number of DataTables; 1 for each worksheet. The app then reads the schema of the target Sql tables; 1 for each worksheet.

I have 2 problems that I would appreciate some help with...

Problem 1

The Excel data is not loading correctly.

As part of the overall process is to visually validate the data prior to loading to SQL some of my tests include loading incorrectly typed data. For example, I have put character data into cells that are defined as numeric in Excel. When I load from this worksheet I get no data where the incorrectly typed data should be.

I need to ensure all data loads as it is on the spreadsheet.

I don't really care what the source data type is. Is there a way to tell the Jet4 / ACE drivers to load every column as if its character data? I think I'll have to set IMEX = 1 and play around with registry settings on app start and finish to ensure data is brought in as strings. Or is there a better way? Not sure about the ACE driver though...

Problem 2

I have 2 DataTables per worksheet; 1 with the source data in from Excel and the other with the Target schema.

I wish to validate the data stored in the Excel DataTables and am unsure as to the best way forward. I need to ensure that I am reporting any valdiation errors back to the user defining which cell has a problem and what the problem is. I'm looking for suggestions or approval for one of the following ideas:

  1. Cycle through each cell in the Source data and validate one at a time against a series of checks on the target datatype.
  2. Attempt to load the row into the target DataTable (prior to bulk loading into SQL) and catch exceptions.

Any constructive feedback or suggestions welcome...

Thanks for reading, Drammy

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I've created a registry setting with the MixedDataTypes and GuessTypeRows settings and have configured Jet to use them - how do I confgure ACE to use them? – Drammy May 26 '11 at 14:04
No responses - Is there any way I can break this question down a bit to help explain it better? – Drammy May 27 '11 at 10:00
Look into using a tool like mysql workbench if the task doesn't need to be repeated! – DanHabib Sep 15 '15 at 3:24

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