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Dim phoneNumber As String = "077 47578 587(num)"

How do i strip the above string off every character which isnt a number. So only the numbers are left and then check to make sure it is 11 characters long?

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Duplicate of… – Rob Windsor May 26 '11 at 13:49
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dim number as string = Regex.Replace(phoneNumber,"[^0-9]","")

if number.length = 11 then
 'valid number
 'not valid
end if
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  • You could loop on each character and check if it is a digit. While looping, check that the number of accepted characters (digits) is less than 11. or
  • use a regex to remove all the alpha but you still will have to count at the end ....
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One possible solution is to treat the string as a character array, then retrieve only those characters with ascii codes within the paramaeters you define.

Ascii codes can be found at a resource such as:

Alternatively, you could use a regular expression to retrieve only the characters you want. My regex isn't so hot, so I can't give an example :)

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Dim phoneNumber As String = "077 47578 587(num)"

Dim newPhoneNumber = String.Empty 
For i = 0 To phoneNumber.Length - 1
    If IsNumeric(phoneNumber(i)) Then
        newPhoneNumber += phoneNumber(i)
    End If 

Dim valid = newPhoneNumber.Length = 11
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