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Most often i work with cms but did not worked with sql directly too much before. I am making a facebook page directory where i am saving page ids the length of facebook page id is 10-13 digit sometimes. So what types of int i should use. I am thinking about BIGINT but what should be the length of it ?

Here is the table visually. I would be glad if you can advice the length of the fields.Database Table

Here is the datatype and length i comeup with. But i am confused if these are efficient:

  1. ID: Database id for the pages (int 5)
  2. page_id: Facebook page id (bigint)
  3. page_name: Facebook page name (varchar 50)
  4. username: username of the page (varchar 50)
  5. likes: number of likes (int)
  6. Link: Link to the page (varchar 100)
  7. Time_added: current timestamp
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Is the page ID specified to be an integer, or might it be a (mostly numeric) alphanumeric character array? I don't know the Facebook API, but it might be worth a lookup. – Matthias Meid May 26 '11 at 14:13
@Mudu: facebook page id is integer. – Sisir May 26 '11 at 14:18
OK. I had a look at before, which isn't the Page, is it? – Matthias Meid May 26 '11 at 14:24
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Correct, you'll need a BIGINT:

I'd recommend longer lengths for your VARCHAR fields. It won't hurt anything, and URLs in particular can get very long. I'd probably bump up the two 50-character fields to 100, and allow for 1,000 characters in the Link field.

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As you don't have control over what Facebook might do in the future, I'd use a type that is least sensitive to change.

As you won't be doing an arithmetic manipulation to the page_id, I'd store it as a varchar.

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+1 for VARCHAR. It would hardly be shocking for Facebook to change the format in the future. – ceejayoz May 26 '11 at 14:20

the easiest thing is to treat those IDs as string or varchar with 15 characters. using php it can cause problems when working with 64-bit integers.

the performance difference is negligible!

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