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and two variables that come from a html form (name and surname)

I'm doing a simple query that search the ID_Client in the table client with name and surname in my php page ( ):

$db=mysql_connect("localhost","user","pwd")or die(mysql_error());
$sel=mysql_select_db("d2") or die(mysql_error());
$surname=$_POST['surname'];  //this two variables arrives with no problem

$query="SELECT ID_Client FROM Client WHERE Name={$name}
AND Surname = {$surname} ";

$ris=mysql_query($query)or die (mysql_error()); //stops here


the problem is that he stops $ris=..... saying as error

Unknown column 'simone' in 'where clause'

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Check this question here, looks same… – RRStoyanov May 26 '11 at 14:13

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You need to put quotes around string literals in SQL.

select * from table where name = 'Carl' and lastname = 'Smith';

Additionally, it's not safe to build a query from raw user-inputted variables (such as POST). Use something like mysql_real_escape_string() before you pass it into the SQL.

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You aren't quoting your where values:

$query="SELECT ID_Client FROM Client WHERE Name='{$name}' AND Surname = '{$surname}'";

MySQL is getting confused, thinking you want rows where the Surname column is the same as the non-existent Simone column, but you want it to match that absolute value, hence you need the quotes.

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