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I want to create address-book-like set of models to represent company, person, location, etc. This looks like very typical address book, I wonder if somebody did it already with ruby on rails 3. The question appeared not (only) because of my laziness, but also because "best practice" approach is usually well-developed, have fewer pitfalls, etc. Currently I think about following models/fields:


  • name
  • has_many :persons
  • has_many :locations
  • has_many :urls, :through => :urlcatalog

    the reason to have URL catalog is a possibility to assign notes to URL


  • name maybe split to first-middle-last
  • phone
  • has_one :location
  • has_many :emails :through => :emailcatalog

    the reason to have email catalog is the same as above: one can assign "private", "office" labels to it. many phones can be organized this way as well.


  • address optional
  • has_one :city
  • has_one :country

    city or country should be present


  • name
  • has_one :country


  • name

any comments on this concept, thoughts, working examples, etc are welcome!

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You should look up polymorphic associations. This means your location will be better organized and it will be easier to get parent etc...

Good example over at RailsWiki

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thanks, in the real application I'll use polymorphic a lot. currently I'm more interested in the general design of such a set of models... – zeliboba May 31 '11 at 13:00

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