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I need to generate HTML forms in Java. I don't know in advance what fields are needed, those will probably be delivered in XML (i have some say over this). I could use the same input file to handle the form submission.

Are there libs, techniques that deal with this problem? I can't imagine that there aren't, but i can't find a suitable solution. I looked at XForms, but it seems that there's not enough adoption from browsers.

Any ideas? Much obliged.

( Context: JSR-286 compliant portlet (using Liferay atm) )

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Try using XSLT to transform your XML input to your HTML output.
Check this site for an example for the XSLT part and this site for the JAVA-XSLT connection.

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as already said, XSLT can be used to transform your input to htmlif you got an XML input.

Otherwise, a template engine can be used. i had success with Velocity (from the open source project Jakarta).


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XSLTForms is an XSLT-based XForms engine for browsers. Of course, it can also be used on server-side. It's an opensource project.

The corresponding "compiler" will soon be available with technical documentation. It will permit you to customize it and add your own specific behavior.

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Thanks for the tip Alain, but i decided to keep input output seperated under our control (meaning independent form technologies other than xml and xsl). Main reason for this is because of the beta label. – Jeroen Dierckx Mar 10 '09 at 10:22

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