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Question: I have a InstallShield 2010 installed. I want to create a Basic Project, that would be able to install my simple application (single .exe file) to ALLUSERS on the host and also I need is to autostart application on every users log on. What I have to do? What parameters I need to realize my plan?

PS. I`m not planning to create additional dialog in installer. This things must be executed in "invisible mode".

Thank you!

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So add a shortcut that installs to the Startup folder, or, if you're feeling more evil, a Run key registry entry. The purpose of the dialog is not to do the actual deed, but to give the customer a chance to opt in or out of behavior he may not want. Since it will have to communicate the choice by setting a public property, the silent installation case can be controlled by passing that property on the command line.

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The right answer is to start you application from Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run section in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

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