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I am working on android app and I am totally newbe in this. So I want to know how to display marker in map and how to change his position on specific time like defining thread or anything in background which will send the latitude and longitude value and marker was move on that

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If you're going to show just a single item, MapView.addView() and later updating position with setLayoutParams does the trick.

private ImageView mCurrentPointer;

public void onLocationChanged(Location l) {
    int latitude = (int) (l.getLatitude() * 1e6);
    int longitude = (int) (l.getLongitude() * 1e6);
    // Prepare new LayoutParams object that centers on our new latitude/longitude
    MapView.LayoutParams lp = new MapView.LayoutParams(MapView.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT, 
            MapView.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT, new GeoPoint(latitude, longitude),

    if (mCurrentPointer == null) {
        // If "current location" pin is null, we haven't added it
        // to MapView yet. So instantiate it and add it to MapView:
        mCurrentPointer = new ImageView(this); 
        mMapView.addView(mCurrentPointer, lp);
    } else {
        // If it's already added, just update its location


links for more examples and tutorials

android google map marker

Show marker on google map position obtained from xml

Add marker on touched location using google map in android

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thanks for the suggestion – Pratik May 27 '11 at 6:16

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