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I have a wx frame where I have a quite a few checkboxes. Ever so often when the user changes the settings in a drop down menu (wx.ComboBox) I'd like to clear all the checkboxes. Currently, I've implemented a method that gets called when a change in the ComboBox happens and it clears each check box manually, i.e.:

def ClearCheckBoxes(self):

Although I only have about 10 of these, my ClearCheckBoxes method would be much cleaner if it were something like this:

def ClearCheckBoxes(self):
    for CheckBox in self.AllCheckBoxes:

Also, I suppose I could create a list (i.e. AllCheckBoxes) and add all the checkboxes to the list as I create them, and then it would only be a matter of iterating through the list. But the point here is that I'd like to know if there was an pre-defined way of doing this.


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for control in self.GetChildren():
    if isinstance(control, wx.CheckBox):
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Thanks @lacks. I tried what you mentioned above but get the following error: TypeError: 'WindowList' object is not callable on the self.Children() call –  jairo May 27 '11 at 12:53
Have you got this working? If not, what is self? –  Iacks May 31 '11 at 10:59

Have you tried something super ugly like:

[checkbox.SetValue(0) for checkbox in dir(self) where type(checkbox) == type(wx.Checkbox)]
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