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I've been looking for good dependency injection for ASP.NET MVC. recently I am Java EE programmer, I always used Spring for DI Framework. But after searching some tutorial from internet. Spring.NET requires explicit XML configuration for each controller that need to be injected.

        <resource uri="config://spring/objects"/>
    <objects xmlns="">

        <object id="HomeController" type="SpringTestApplication.Controllers.HomeController, SpringTestApplication" singleton="false">
            <property name="TestProperty" value="This has been injected via Spring.Net"/>


And I think its very complected because there is no autowiring feature like Spring in Java World. Can you suggest me the recommended DI Framework for ASP.NET MVC ?

Thanks in advance.

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I am using Unity for my current MVC 3 project. It works very well. Autofac also works fine with my previous project. Both DI framework are straight to work with ASP.NET MVC – Allen Wang May 26 '11 at 15:26
Recommended by who? There is no officially recommended DI framework and everyone has their favorite. – hwiechers May 26 '11 at 18:21

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I wouldn't say there is a de facto recommended DI framework for the ASP.NET MVC framework. However, there's quite a few popular DI framework in the .NET world: Castle Windsor, Autofac, StructureMap, Ninject, Unity, Sprint.NET etc.

I would definitely recommend Ninject. The source can be found on github. There is a Ninject extension for the various versions of the ASP.NET MVC framework. The project also contains a sample application.

If you would like to have a look at an application using Ninject in the wild I would recommend the blog engine Subtext.

May I also suggest that you have a look at Mark Seemann's book: Dependency Injection in .NET. It covers some of the major frameworks for .NET. Unfortunately, it does not cover Ninject.

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Castle Windsor, Ninject, Autofac are all good candidates

Personally I use Castle now.

For good example of how to set things up see

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I've used both Unity and Castle Windsor with MVC. Both are good, both have either XML or fluent API configuration.

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I don't think there is a "preferred" framework. As the other answers show, you have multiple options, with being one of them.

With regard to

  • there is a CodeConfig project that you might like
  • Visual Studio support for working with xml configuration has improved somewhat with the add-in, ReSharper helps too
  • mvc 2 is supported out-of-the-box with version 1.3.1 (current version)
  • mvc 3 will be supported out-of-the-box with version 1.3.2, which is expected soon

You might want to take the above in consideration if you want to leverage your Spring Java skills by using

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You can use the CodeConfig approach like in the Java world :

A MVC sample is provided.

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