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We have a CommonsHttpSolrServer variable named "server" which we are performing a server.add(...) with a properly formatted SolrInputDocument with a couple fields on it (id and accountNumber). Our documents are not showing up in the Solr repository. When we copied in the source code for the Solr demo tool SimplePostTool (which manually formats an HTTP post) the Solr server was updated. When we compared the difference between the two posts we found the SimplePostTool code was sending a subsequent post consisting of


Even though we have a server.commit(), no commit tag is ever posted to our Solr server when interacting directly with the CommonsHttpSolrServer. We also tried the solution at http://www.mail-archive.com/solr-dev@lucene.apache.org/msg12289.html to try to cause a commit to be posted to the Solr server but still no commit appears. When we perform our server.add(...) and then run the SimplePostTool the commit supplied by the SimplePostTool successfully causes all pending Solr updates to be committed.

Our question is how to force a commit to be posted to the Solr server using the CommonsHttpSolrServer instead of hacking together a raw HTTP post.

we are using solr-core 3.1.0


Here is the code in question, it is Groovy code configured through Spring, I can come up with a different sample if you like.

//message queue listener receives an ImagingMessage
class ImagingProcessor {
  SolrServer server
  void process(ImagingMessage message) {
    server.add(DocumentFactory.createDocument(message.indexedFields, message.file))
        //also tried http://www.mail-archive.com/solr-dev@lucene.apache.org/msg12289.html 
        //and varios flavors of .commit(boolean, boolean)

class ImagingMessage {
  List<IndexedField> indexedFields
  byte[] file

class DocumentFactory {
  static SolrInputDocument createDocument(List<IndexedField> indexedFields, byte[] file) {
    SolrInputDocument solrInputDocument = new SolrInputDocument()
    indexedFields.each {
      solrInputDocument.addField it.name, it.value
    solrInputDocument.addField "content", file
    println solrInputDocument.toString()

Instead of using server.commit() we do have a solution running based on SimplePostTool that posts a tag, but that is just an ugly temporary hack.

We don't really want to commit for every message (as we have in our spike/demo code here) but we do need to commit occasionally, like maybe on a scheduled basis, otherwise the tail end of what we stuff into lucene storage won't be visible.

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can you post the code that adds the SolrInputDocument and commits? –  Mauricio Scheffer May 26 '11 at 20:36
updated the post to contain sample code and more information –  Dave Hill May 27 '11 at 13:26

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