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I have been working with git for a few months and I find that most of the things that have transformed my everyday work for the better can be attributed to the flexibility and lack of enforced default policy in a distributed VCS.

Quite a few people seem to have felt the same way and have built upon this kind of flexibility

  • I have read quite a few reports from users synchronizing their home directories across different machines.
  • IkiWiki is built upon source control and it can be used as a distributed wiki.
  • A few distributed bug/issue tracking systems exist that build upon git (not sure about others DVCSs).

What are some cool ideas you have implemented using your favorite DVCS?

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i implemented a simple wiki on top of mercurial

my main gripe with wikis on any dvcs is merging,
as it indeed makes much sense to work in terms of pages when editing a wiki,
however all dvcs's are based on trees of files

btw, bzr's exposed directory based cherry picking doesn't get that right
(it mainly makes up the base for merge conflicts later)

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Interesting. Have you published this anywhere? –  hillu Mar 15 '09 at 16:30
no, its not something i actually wan't to publish –  Ronny Mar 15 '09 at 19:27

Not my own projects, but just came across a couple of distributed issue tracking systems that use git:


And there's always fossil, which is a DVCS with both bug tracking and wiki built in. Made by the creator of sqlite, and uses an sqlite database as its repository.

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Although I prefer Mercurial to git, I like Gist snippet service of the github.com. It's a paste site on steroids - allows to version snippets, access private snippets via SSL, and more.

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I use mercurial for incremental backups to non-mercurial aware online file storage. Just have a repo that contains what's already backed up, and hg bundle against it. Then push. Copy the bundle to a live mesh synced folder and presto, automatic backup and distribution to all my machines. (Note: encrypt the bundle first - I trust no one to respect my privacy). Of course, full backup is just as easy with hg bundle -all.

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DVCS is the underpinning of distributed filesystems.

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