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I have reached the end of my rope with Cmake; it has so much potential, but I cannot seem to make it find the basic system tools (i.e. "make") in order to function.


Cmake and the Cmake GUI produce the following (after deleting the CMakeCache.txt file):

Processing top-level CMakelists.txt for project swb
CMake Error: CMake was unable to find a build program corresponding to "MinGW Makefiles".
CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM is not set.  You probably need to select a different build tool.

I am focusing on finding "make" in this question, however, I've also had many of the same issues with CMake failing to find libraries and other utility files (linker, nm, ar, etc.). The techniques I list below seem to enable CMake to find these files when running under Linux.


Windows 7 (64-bit); multiple versions of MinGW (32-bit/64-bit); Cmake 2.8.4; NONSTANDARD install location for MinGW (c:/MinGW-32 ).


1) CMakelists.txt contains "SET( CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM c:/MinGW-32/bin/make.exe FORCE )" within the first 10 lines of the file.

2) Previous versions of CMakelists.txt contained:

      NAMES make
      DOC "Find a suitable make program for building under Windows/MinGW"
      HINTS c:/MinGW-32/bin )  

3) Set CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM in a cmd.exe environment variable prior to running either CMake or CMake-GUI.

4) Use of a "toolchain" file which identifies CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM as well as CMAKE_C_COMPILER, etc.


CMake will successfully create build files IF I use the GUI to populate the CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM variable ("C:/MinGW-32/bin/make.exe").


I can get CMake to work if I identify the name of the make program via the GUI. How does one enable CMake to find my make program without user intervention with the Windows 7 (64-bit) / MinGW combination?

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I have two suggestions:

  1. Do you have make in your %PATH% environment variable? On my system, I need to add %MINGW_DIR%\bin to %PATH%.

  2. Do you have make installed? Depending on your mingw installation, it can be a separate package.

  3. Last resort: Can you pass the full path to make on the commandline? cmake -D"CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM:PATH=C:/MinGW-32/bin/make.exe" ..\Source

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Thanks for the suggestions! I already had %MINGW_DIR%\bin in my path, and make.exe is definitely in the %MINGW_DIR%\bin directory. Any other ideas!? –  westie314 May 27 '11 at 20:08
@westie314: Is make in your path? If you open up a command line and type "make --version" what is displayed? –  Stephen Newell May 11 '12 at 22:49
Does CMake search for 'make' or for 'mingw32-make'? If the latter, that one has to be in the path as well. –  Andre Nov 1 '12 at 10:42

In the GUI, select the "Advanced" checkbox. It should now show several entries below. Rename your mingw32-make.exe file to make.exe (you can just make a copy) and set the CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM filepath variable to the location of said file.

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Just solved the same problem. I had MinGW with GCC and G++ installed but not the Make itself. So this command helped me:

mingw-get.exe install mingw32-make

Then clear CMake cache (CMakeCache.txt in the CMake's working directory) and run CMake again.

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Recently i had the same problem (Compiling OpenCV with CMake and Qt/MinGW on WIN764)

And I think I solve this including on my environment variable PATH (through Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System\Advanced Sytem Settings) with the %MINGW_DIR%\bin and %CMAKE_DIR%/bin

Furthermore, I installed cmake2.8 on an easy directory (without blanks on it)

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I had the same problem. Installed mingw using the installer provided at http://tdm-gcc.tdragon.net/ . It adds the correct environment variables to path when installing mingw (No need to edit the path variable manually). That did the trick for me.

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Also for me! Thanks –  Paul Apr 29 at 19:11

Well, if it is useful, I have had several problems with cmake, including this one. They all disappeared when I fix the global variable (in my case the MinGW Codeblocks) PATH in the system. When the codeblocks install is not in default, and for some unknow reason, this global variable does not point to the right place. Check if the path of Codeblocks or MinGW are correct:

Right click on "My Computer"> Properties> Advanced Properties or Advanced> Environment Variables> to Change the PATH variable

It worked for me;)

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I had the same problem which is solved using the following:

Try to rename all the folders to not to be more than 8 characters and without spaces.

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It also happens when I just want to compile opencv2.3.2 with mingw32 (in tdm-gcc suites). Often when I install the tdm-gcc, I would like to rename the mingw32-make.exe to make.exe. And I thinks this could be the question. If cmake is asked to generated a MinGW Makefiles, It would try to find ming32-make.exe instead of make.exe. So I copy the make.exe to mingw32-make.exe and reconfigure in Cmake-gui. Finally it works! So I'd like to advise to find whether you have mingw32-make.exe or not to solve this question.

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I had the exact same problem when I tried to compile OpenCV with Qt Creator (MinGW) to build the .a static library files.

For those that installed Qt 5.2.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.8, OpenGL, 634 MB), this problem can be fixed if you add the following to the system's environment variable Path:

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