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I try to send a request from android emulator to a restful server. But I always get the Error:

415 Unsupported Media Type.

The code of client:

public JSONtest() throws Exception, IOException{

    HttpPost request = new HttpPost(AppServerIP);
    JSONObject param = new JSONObject();
    param.put("name", "weiping");
    param.put("password", "123456");
    StringEntity se = new StringEntity(param.toString());
    HttpResponse httpResponse = new DefaultHttpClient().execute(request);
    String retSrc = EntityUtils.toString(httpResponse.getEntity());

The code of the server:

public class resource {
    public Response trigger(JSONObject notify) throws Exception{            
        return Response.status(Response.Status.OK).entity("134124").tag("213q").type(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON).build();       
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Ha, this is sooo exactly the problem I was facing! Thanks alot –  woezelmann Aug 10 '12 at 7:49

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The problem is that the server doesn't know the media type of the client's request. Try something like this in the client code:

request.setHeader("Content-Type", "application/json");

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