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I have created a very simple CakePHP form. When submitting the form the user is supposed to get a confirmation message ($this->Session->setFlash() ).
That works fine in Internet Explorer (full page or iframe), Opera, Chrome, Safari. In Firefox 3.6, however, the flash message only shows up if the form is displayed in full page mode. Within an Iframe the form simply returns to its previous state, but no flash message is displayed. There is no magic Javascript or CSS hiding it. There is no message in the resulting HTML code.
Could that be a browser caching issue? I have no explanation at all.
PS: Using the Session, Auth, Security, Email components, no cake caching.

Removing a redirect immediately following the setflash resolved the issue. I still don't understand why the same script would produce different output depending on which browser was used to call it but it works now.

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I assume the iframe is showing a view? Does the view have echo $this->Session->flash();? –  Ross May 26 '11 at 18:46
Thanks, and yes it does. It is the same URL in all browsers, the same code behind that URL, the same server, and yet the HTML output seems to be different. Even the debug output is the same, apart from different execution times. –  jayo May 26 '11 at 19:34
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