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I followed the guide on the facebook developer site, yet I'm having this same problem with my multi-view application. I basically want to authenticate the use when they land on the home page, and then be able to pull dialog windows in other view controllers. I had hoped the initial SSO dialog would appear based on my problem, and the code I placed in the app delegate file as per the guide.

Another thread exists for this problem, but the solution wasn't accepted. (Facebook iOs sdk iphone : Call from multiple viewcontroller)

I tried Jeffrey's solution (since the authorization dialog wasn't popping up when the app starts up).

I get the warning:

  Sending 'ViewController *' to parameter of incompatible type 'id<FBSessionDelegate>'

and the app crashes. What else should i be checking?

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At least to fix your warning and crash there, I suspect you need to create a new viewcontroller class that implements the FBSessionDelegate protocol and pass that instead

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Thanks, that worked! –  ephilip May 26 '11 at 19:49

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