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hi there Is there any code available to demonstrate Natural language processing using Wordnet? My problem statment is "Develop a Query answering system . It takes query string as input. Search for the revelent answer from the document which is the user is reading. Its a desktop application the document is already saved. Desired output is to display the material.

I am a final year student.Waiting for your response before 15 March 09'. Regards, Farheena Jawed

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If you are a final year student, and you are planning to become a professional programmer, you should at least by now have learned how to think of solutions, and not just wait till the last minute and try to copy someone else's effort.

Perhaps, you should try another career direction that requires less effort.

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You can use python to build NLP prototypes quickly. NLTK has an interface to wordnet and has other capibilities related to NLP.


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You could try this award-winning NLP code, although it doesn't use WordNet.

There is a sample data file, along with some explanation and usage notes provided.

Excerpt from author comments:

I wanted to write a program that would read in a text file in natural language (such as English) and answer questions about that text file. I thought this might be a complicated task, and I was right -- it took me over 800 bytes. Of course, it doesn't always work, but that's AI for you.

In context on the hosting site. Have fun with your assignment!

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