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I'm trying to find the best way to render a li-element :

I've read that i should never replace this.el

So it seems that i have to unwrap my template in my LiView render() function :

// replace element content with html generated from template
var $rendered = $.tmpl(this.template, this.model.toJSON());

I just get the contents inside the $rendered li, since i should not replace it.

But how should i transfer attributes ?

I tried :

this.el.attr('class', $rendered.attr('class'));
this.el.attr('title', $rendered.attr('title'));

But it replaces attributes... And some (like jQuery ui ui-draggable) could be lost.

All this seems a bit clunky...

Thanks !

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I'm curious where you've read that you should never replace this.el. It seems sensical not to change it, but I've had to do it for the exact reason you've outlined here. It's too bad that you can't instantiate a view with a template obj. Anyways, replacing this.el in practice works fairly well (even though it feels pretty dirty) just so long as you call this.delegateEvents after doing it. – idbentley May 28 '11 at 12:20
@idbentley - if I reassign el my events are broken even when calling this.delegateEvents – UpTheCreek Sep 22 '11 at 5:09

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I'm not sure I fully grasp what you're trying to do Olouv, but I'll have a stab at answering your question regardless :)

You have an liView that corresponds to an li dom element So you need to specify

el: "li"

Do not have an li in your template. Then the result of your render will be

    contents of template

Now you want to add attributes to this li element? Class names are pretty simple, just add the className attribute to your view

className: "ui-draggable myGreatClass ui-corner-all"

If you need to add additional attributes to your root (li) element

$(el).attr("title","your title")

If that doesn't work for you, and you want to put the li attributes in your template perhaps consider some form of the following:

  1. Tolerating HTML of the form:
  2. Instead of an liView (list item view), just have a ulView (List view), and put a loop construct in your template
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