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In my fancybox, I'm trying to set the 'title' attribute to the alt value of an img wrapped by the fancybox link. In other words,

            'titlePosition'     : 'inside',
            'padding'           : 0,
            'autoScale'         : true,
            'transitionIn'      : 'none',
            'transitionOut'     : 'none',
            'href'              : this.href,
            'type'              :   'image',
            'title'             : this.find('img').attr( 'alt' )

When I remove the 'title' attribute, the fancybox works fine. However, with the 'title' attribute, the fancybox fails to show, and no error is shown in firebug. Any ideas on what's wrong here?

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Given that you're using this.href, I'm going to guess that this is a DOM element, not a jQuery selection. jQuery methods like find only work on jQuery selections.

So do this:

'title': $(this).find('img').attr( 'alt' )
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That seems to have done the trick! Thanks for helping a jquery noob :) –  Dany Joumaa May 26 '11 at 19:03

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