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So running this lisp code to get all symbols in the common-lisp-user package:

(do-symbols (sym 'common-lisp-user) (print sym))

I get this error:

* - PRINT: Character #\u0420 cannot be represented in the character set CHARSET:CP437

I'm not extremely familiar with exception handling in Common Lisp. I've tried handler-case, and restarts, etc, but I haven't yet been able to trap the error and then just carry on.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

FYI, this is on a windows machine running GNU CLISP 2.49.

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How about (IGNORE-ERRORS (some-form)) ??

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This seems to work -- I'd like to now some how figure out which of the symbols (and replacing non code page characters with their escapes). Maybe there is still something I can do to capture this error and do a find-replace on the string. –  lucidquiet May 26 '11 at 22:20
You have a symbol that has Р (that's a Cyrillic capital ER, not a P) in its name. –  Vatine May 29 '11 at 8:22

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