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I created a sublayer using [CALayer layer] and set its bounds to a underlying mapview which around a size of (8000,23000).

When i add the new layer to this view , i am able draw on this if the height of the layer is < =16000,whenever i extend to bigger hegiht.I am unable to draw on it. Is there any specific max height for a CALayer.

Please let me how i can approach this problem.

Thanks in Advance. Ratna

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From UIView Class Reference:

Note: In iOS 2.x, the maximum size of a UIView object is 1024 x 1024 points. In iOS 3.0 and later, views are no longer restricted to this maximum size but are still limited by the amount of memory they consume. It is in your best interests to keep view sizes as small as possible. Regardless of which version of iOS is running, you should consider tiling any content that is significantly larger than the dimensions of the screen.

Instead of using one giant CALayer I'd recommend you use CATiledLayer which is a subclass of CALayer.

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