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I'm starting to write an MVC3 application that performs a basic search. I've created a WCF service with a GetDataAsDataSet() method exposed and consume the service in my MVC project. For now this method I think is the simplest, as it merely returns a data set. I do want to add GetDataAsEntity() which returns the actual database entity type generated through SubSonic later (or now?)...

So far, I know that I need to have these entities in the Models folder of my MVC3 project if my service is returning a type of these entities. However do these all need to end with "Models"?

SubSonic also creates [entityname]Controller.cs files - can these be placed in the controllers folders and rename the actual entity classes to [entityname]Models.cs ?

I'm thinking I need these in my Models folder, as I want to make use of the WCF Service, which I will ultimately have returning an entity entity type.

I can easily get the first solution to work (returning a simple datatable), it's the second option, that I need some assistance with - passing back the complex type from the WCF Service and consuming that in my MVC3 application.


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I think you would need to customize your SubSonic T4 files and make all the generated classes have the [DataContract] and [DataMember] attributes, then WCF should be able to directly serialize the records read from SubSonic.

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The SubSonic classes are already decorated with [Serializable]. As I understand it, will automatically map all the fields. –  ElHaix May 29 '11 at 23:50

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