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As the title says, i am looking for code hinting for textmate and was wondering if there is anything out there and if it would work for Ruby on Rails


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This kind of thing is very hard to do with dynamic languages. And it's the job of a fully-blown IDE, not of a text editor. –  delnan May 26 '11 at 19:28

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TextMate provides autocompletion for common tasks but it doesn't check the system for syntax correctness or anything like that. Ruby is too dynamic for true IDE-style autocompletion without serious work on the IDE-maker's end, but I'm pretty sure JRuby will result in some autocompletion support in the near future.

-- Giles Bowkett

Reference: Autocomplete (Code Completion) for Ruby in OS X's Textmate or Other

Another link would be : Autocomplete in Textmate

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