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I have a window full of text fields and buttons and I want to set its key view order in a particular way. So, I set the initialFirstResponder to the first text field and correctly set the nextKeyView one by one for each control.

This has NO effect when running the app. When I use the Tab key to change the key field or button, it jumps differently than the order I set -- it seems nextKeyView is not working.

I tested it in another sample app, and it works great, but in this app it is not working.

If it helps, I have tab view with three tabs in my window.

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I found the reason, I have to set the current tab's initialFirstResponder to the first textfield instead of window's firstResponder. – Prooshani May 27 '11 at 6:38
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dudes, I found my answer.

the problem will solve if we set initialFirstResponder of current selected Tab to the first field or button of the Tab and the root of problem is that when we use the Tab View in our window then the first responder changes to the tab controller.

I putted the answer for other guys who may face this simple problem.

Thanks all anyway.

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