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I am looking for:

  • An online service that handles customers' software trial requests and mails out trial keys

combined with

  • A licensing SDK that can be integrated into my installer or application to accept a trial key and phone home to validate it

Does something like this exist or is there a platform that could be used to build this quickly?

I only need licensing for my trial product, not for the paid product which will be delivered in a different form.

There are several related questions already here but I can't find any solution that answers this specific question. Most important is the web service which would mean trial requests can be taken care of automatically.

Please don't answer that software protection is a waste of time or phone-home is evil. I am required to implement it by my patent licensors.

PS: My application is Windows C++

PPS: Something like this comes close but I don't want to have to write web services: http://www.inishtech.com/Support/FAQs/FAQs/Licensing/Automation-of-Demo-Trial-Licenses.aspx

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There are many products that can do this but one piece of important missing information is: what platform will your application run on?

I've used Sofpro before, which has client protection as well as web server based key generation (as well as an SDK you can provide your own key generator with). It's a commercial product but they do offer free trials.

In my case, my application used their SDK to manage licensing; when a license was needed the application attached to my web server and provided authentication to have the server tell them their license key. Sofpro's keys are valid only on the machine the license is generated for, and the license keys are removable (and not re-installable... a new key must be generated for the same machine for that).

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I work for LicenseSpot, a product that provides the functionality you're looking: serial number generation, trials, activation and mailing of the keys to the customer.

We also provide the SDK you need, even though is developed in managed code, you can integrate it in your C++ application using a COM wrapper.

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Looks nice, @Jose. Is that COM wrapper in your SDK? –  paperjam Jun 1 '11 at 15:05

There are a few other things to think about for trial licensing, since I assume from your post that you are concerned about people using your trial license to get more than just the one trial period. You may then want some or all of the following:

  1. A way for a trial user to activate their trial installation even if they don't have a network connection on their system. Ideally this is user self-service so you don't have to do anything, and so it can work 24x7.

  2. A way to automate issuing trial licenses, should you expect or one day receive sufficient volume of requests.

  3. Protection against people who try to extend a time-limited (say 30-day) trial by turning back their system clock before starting the trial, or turning it back once the trial has begun. You probably also want to stop them from running your trial on other machines once activated on the first one.

  4. A way of easily extending a trial if a promising prospect has valid reason for doing so.

  5. A way to prevent 'serial evaluators'. Common approaches are to not allow more than one trial on a given machine, or to a given email address.

  6. Registration of prospects, and reporting.

  7. Other trial limitations beyond just time e.g. configuring product features, or setting a usage limit.

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