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What's a simple way to check if an item is in a list?

Something like

(in item list)

might return true is item=1 and list=(5 9 1 2) and false if item=7

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Common Lisp

FIND is not a good idea:

> (find nil '(nil nil))

The purpose of FIND is not to check for membership, but to find an element that satisfies a test (in the above example the test function is EQL). FIND returns such an element.


> (member nil '(nil nil))
(NIL NIL)  ; everything non-NIL is true


> (numberp (position nil '()))
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Use MEMBER to test whether an item is in a list:

(member 1 '(5 9 1 2))  ; (1 2)

Unlike FIND, it is also able to test whether NIL is in the list.

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You can use find:

(find 1 '(5 9 1 2)) ; 1
(find 7 '(5 9 1 2)) ; nil

Consider using :test argument:

(find "a" '("a" "b") :test #'equal)
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(find nil '(nil nil)) -> nil –  Rainer Joswig May 26 '11 at 20:57
Lisp syntax highlighting in SO is just awful... –  rvighne Dec 28 '13 at 17:18

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