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So, I have a strange problem and am beginning to think it's a bug in jQueryUI's button class, but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this before I crack open the source code.

I have a button that is generated from a hyperlink created with a Rails form helper:

<a rel="nofollow" id="executeCriteriaButton" data-method="post" 
class="ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-text-only"
href="https://localhost:3443/runs?criteria_id=2" role="button">
<span class="ui-button-text">Execute</span></a>

So, basically we want to stop the user from double tapping, especially because moving to the next page can take some time. So, I added this:

$("#executeCriteriaButton").button( "option", "disabled", true );

So, what's weird is this... it disables fine, and moves to the new href fine, but it's a GET instead of a POST. This kills the crab.

If you try it with disabled - false it also breaks it.

Any thoughts?

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Uhm isn't a normal link supposed to do GET? Doesn't look as if you are submitting a form or do anything that could trigger POST. –  Daff May 26 '11 at 20:22
looks like data-method is part of another helper that should capture the click, cancel the default behavior and transform it into an AJAX request. –  gonchuki May 26 '11 at 20:34

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