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ProductCollection select = new 


From above example I am trying to get distinct category from my table but many problems comes

  1. I can not put column like this Product.SupplierIDColumn I dont know why my class EventListing has no intellisense for these columns
  2. Distinct() function is not available after From<EventListing>().
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Interestingly, it looks like the SqlQuery class in SubSonic 2 had a Distinct() method, but the SqlQuery class in SubSonic 3 does not. You could try SS2 instead of 3, or if you are using 3, I suggest using Linq expressions instead. In other words, something like:

var data = (from x in db.Products
            select x.SupplierId)


var data = db.Products.Select(x => x.SupplierId).Distinct();
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