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I write a library with Java interfaces resembling Haskell type classes, and abstract classes implementing all "derivable" methods (e.g. Monad.join can be written using >>= and return). This is my planned structure ([] means the interface doesn't exist yet):

                      Applicative <= Alternative <-,     
Functor <= Pointed <= Applicative <= Monad <= MondPlus
Functor <= Copointed <= Comonad      Monad <= [MonadFix]

Category <= Arrow <= ArrowChoice   
            Arrow <= [ArrowApply]
            Arrow <= [ArrowLoop] 
            Arrow <= [ArrowZero] <= [ArrowPlus]
  • Is this hierarchy "correct"?
  • Particularly, is it correct that MonadPlus implements Alternative?
  • Should I split MonadZero from MonadPlus? Same question for ArrowZero and ArrowPlus
  • How can I reduce code duplication when a class implements multiple "endpoints" (e.g. Maybe is a MonadPlus and a MonadFix, Kleisli is ArrowEverything)
  • Arrow could theoretically extend Applicative as well. Currently I have a method on Arrow returning that Applicative, because it looks like type curring makes inheritance impossible here.
  • Are there other non-obvious "connections" (like Arrow->Applicative) I'm missing?
  • Which "useful" type classes are missing in this hierarchy?
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A) You should make sure to consult the typeclassopedia [1]

B) Edward Kmett has been doing yeoman's work in trying to construct a rich, sane, hierarchy of core classes, starting with semigroups and moving forward. It's worth corresponding with him directly, but take a look at semigroupoids [2] and the many related packages he's uploaded for some pointers:



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Of course I know the "original" typeclassopedia, but the links look very promising. – Landei May 27 '11 at 6:08

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