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I noticed today while doing some testing that the way I close my <script> tag either makes or breaks my page. For example, this works:

<script src="scripts/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

but this does not:

<script src="scripts/jquery.js" type="text/javascript" />

The file appears to show up when I use IE's Developer Tools, but it seems like it just gets ignored. Has anyone ever seen this or know why it might be happening? Thanks in advance!

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You must include a closing script tag. The script element is not self closing, even when you're only including an external script.

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Hmm. Now I'm wondering if one could do this: <script src="js">more js</script> – omninonsense May 26 '11 at 21:13
That would explain it! Thanks! – lhan May 26 '11 at 21:13

The <script> tag can only be self-closing in truly valid XHTML documents – that is, a XHTML page served with the Content-Type of application/xhtml+xmland when viewed in a supporting browser (IE8 does not qualify; IE9+ does).

In all other HTML documents, (regardless of what DOCTYPE is declared), the <script> tag is not self-closing and therefore must be closed with a </script>.

Read more in this very detailed answer.

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I have also noticed you always need the </script>. It's probably because it requires content between the tags ("" counts), even though you're using src.

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I wouldn't consider an empty string to be content. (At least, not in this context.) – nnnnnn May 27 '11 at 0:05

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