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I've been having some problems with ActionMessages created during execution of an action which didn't display, and i found out that my problems were due to my forwards having redirect=true in struts-config.xml.

Since the default behaviour is redirect=false, i've been thinking about which benefits can one have using redirect=true and i couldn't find any answer...does anyone know when and why 'redirect=true'should be used in action forwards?

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it prevents the 'double submit problem'

Never show pages in response to POST

Always load pages using GET

Navigate from POST to GET using REDIRECT

more on this here and here

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Redirect sends a response to the browser that forces the browser to make a new request. From the server point of view, the browser just makes a new request (albeit autmatically). Some characteristics of a redirect:

  • The existing parameters and attributes are disposed, a new request is formed with the parameters you specify in the URL.
  • The new URL is visible in the browser, the user can bookmark it.
  • It takes a trip to the browser and back, so it can be slower.

A forward happens on the server. The browser is not involved in this. Some characteristics of the forward:

  • New parameters are added or overwrite existing parameters. So the existing parameters cannot be removed from the request.
  • Stuff can be added in request context, it will remain available. You can pass information in this way.
  • The URL is not changed in the browser, for the browser the original address remains intact.
  • You can only forward to another URL in the same application.

So it depends on what you want to accomplish. A forward is generally spoken faster. But if the user should be able to bookmark the new location, it is not an option.

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If you specify redirect="true", Struts uses a client-side redirect [response.sendRedirect()]. The JSP will be invoked by a new browser request, and any data stored in the old request will be lost.

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