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I've used this "good old" way to fetch HTML formatted data via Ajax and inject it into the DOM.


$mobile_view = new View('mobile-view'); // use mobile view
$mobile_view->data = $this->data_array; // add some data to view
$this->response->body($mobile_view);    // return formatted HTML


$web_view = new View('web-view');       // use normal web view
$web_view->data = $this->data_array;    // add some data to view
$this->response->body($web_view);       // return formatted HTML

Question is What is the RESTful version of this?

Should I fetch just JSON data via Ajax?


$this->response->body(json_encode($this->data_array)); // return JSON data

How should I handle view / HTML formatting, another ajax request? Or am I missing something?

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it is fine to have views in restful services, as determining how to return data. I would suggest passing a url parameter like


and figuring out how to respond via that parameter

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So RESTful isn't just a data and could be the final HTML version? – kaulusp May 26 '11 at 21:40
RESTful implies a url that defines a resource. in this case 'resource/1'. the way of displaying that view does not need to be a part of that url definition, so you can make it a url parameter. EDIT: unless of course the view actually effects the resource (which seems odd). in that case it should be part of the url like in your code. – pthurlow May 26 '11 at 21:51
The purist REST approach is to use a resource URL and an accept-encoding header to determine the format of the returned data. – Nils Weinander May 26 '11 at 21:58

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