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I want to display some data from HttpContext.Current.Cache via a partial view _CacheData.cshtml in my ASP.NET MVC _Layout.cshtml page. I wrote a wrapper ICacheManager so I can inject it into my controllers. ICacheManager also has its own dependency on IFooRepository

public class CacheManager : ICacheManager
    public CacheManager(IFooRepository repo, System.Web.Caching.Cache cache)
    { ... }

I'm using Ninject.MVC3 nuget package so here is my RegisterServices

private static void(IKernel kernel)
    kernel.Bind<ICacheManager>().To<CacheManager>().WithConstructorArgument("cache", x => HttpContext.Current.Cache);

This works great for my controllers, but how can I inject a CacheManager into a partial view? There's no controller for _CacheData.cshtml. I can get a CacheManager in a base controller and put it in ViewBag, but that doesn't feel right. Suggestions?

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Create a child controller action, where you put the data from cache into a view model and render your partial view with Html.Action().

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this is pretty much what I ended up doing, seemed to work ok. Can you explain the difference between a controller and a child controller? i don't see a difference other than you can put [ChildActionOnly] on your actions –  kenwarner May 26 '11 at 22:47
No difference, you can put child action on any controller. I usually create a MasterController for child actions I use in a master/layout page. –  Necros May 27 '11 at 0:47

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