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I've written a DWR client in Python, which I use for automating tests run against a DWR-based website. Up until now, all the calls I make are single, non-batched requests, and I make several requests, all in a single-threaded manner.

I noticed that when I use a browser, some of the calls are batched up into a single request. Aside from the bundling, are there any differences with how the calls are handled by the server? I believe they're parsed back out and handled serially, and from what I've tested, there are no noticeable differences. However, I'm concerned there might be some hidden pitfalls, and I need my python client to simulate browser usage.

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Would you share tip on how to create a DWR client in python? Thanks! –  TX T Jul 16 '13 at 20:46

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In almost all cases, batching acts the same way as a bunch of synchronous unbatched calls. See the Caveats section of DWR Batching for potential pitfalls.

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