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I have a situation where I am inheriting several legacy databases and will be re-engineering them into a new combined database and further exporting data from there into several de-normalized data marts.

I am looking for an ERD and ETL tool combination that has:

  • some level of integration
  • support mysql, postgresql and sql server
  • roundtrip ERD
  • ERD captures physical database like indexes, procedures, etc
  • data profiling
  • create, debug, schedule, monitor ETL jobs
  • can create data dictionary

All of these features would be nice, but some decent subset would be OK too. I have found a few ERD tools which look good and the same for ETL but no integration across the two which I think would be very usefull.

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So far I found SQL Power Data-Architect (ERD tool) which integrates with KETL (ETL tool), but I am hoping to find others. - sqlpower.ca/page/architect - code.google.com/p/power-architect - ketl.org –  dwatson May 27 '11 at 18:44

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