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After a bundle update, I want to rollback some gem versions to a specific one. I've tried several options, but I can't do it.

Say I want to use arel in its 2.0.9 version. I did the following:

sudo gem uninstall arel -v 2.0.10

Then in the Gemfile:

gem 'arel', '~> 2.0.9'

And then:

bundle update

Then I get:

Installing arel (2.0.10)

I also tried with gem cleanup and deleting Gemfile.lock, but no.. I allways get the same arel 2.0.10 installed. Am I missing something? Thank you very much!

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You're telling it to install any patch version greater than or equal to 2.0.9. If you want to specifically install that version just do this:

gem 'arel', '2.0.9'
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