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I've got vim plugin that runs on different machines and sometimes needs to do things differently depending on whether it's Windows, Linux, Mac.

What's easiest way to test for the operating system? I know I could parse the output of :version command. Is there something simpler that will reveal the OS?

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From google: You can use has() and the list of features under :help feature-list to determine what type of Vim (and therefore under which OS is running).

if has('win32')
   ... win32 specific stuff ...

Search for "version of Vim" from the feature-list help topic and that should bring you to the different versions for which you can check.

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I use this in my vimrc to specify different fonts for Windows vs Linux. – bheeshmar May 27 '11 at 0:55
John -- Thanks a lot. That's something I thought I'd seen before but wasn't able to find when I started looking through docs specifically. – Herbert Sitz May 27 '11 at 1:32

In addition to @John's answer here is a full list of possible operating systems:

"▶2 os.fullname
for s:os.fullname in ["unix", "win16", "win32", "win64", "win32unix", "win95",
            \         "mac", "macunix", "amiga", "os2", "qnx", "beos", "vms"]
    if has(s:os.fullname)
    let s:os.fullname='unknown'
if s:os.fullname[-3:] is 'nix' || s:os.fullname[:2] is 'mac' ||
            \s:os.fullname is 'qnx' || s:os.fullname is 'vms'
elseif s:os.fullname[:2] is 'win'
elseif s:os.fullname is 'os2'

This is the code used by my frawor plugin for determining current operating system.

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In addition to those array values, there are a few gui_... features. gui_gnome and gui_gtk could be used to isolate some flavors of linux. – Eric Hu Mar 2 '13 at 2:11
This won't work correctly for Mac OS X. It will claim the OS is unix. Note that moving mac/macunix up won't make a difference; while MacVim has both of those features, the system-provided Vim returns 0 for both mac and macunix. So those features really just test for MacVim, not for Vim running on Mac OS X. – Kevin Ballard Jul 8 '14 at 22:31

Due to my love of Python:

python << endpython
import sys

Also maybe if needed.

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