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I am a web developer from Australia. I have developed a home page where when you click an image of a childrens block, they fall down, then they go to the correct link.

My Problem: When & only when you access the website in Internet Explorer & then you click a block, the blocks dont draw(they show a blank image) for the 1st couple of frames, then they start drawing.

Please view the problem here http://www.kaz.net.au/demo/index.html

Now I use Raphael to draw the blocks & make them rotate so it may have something to do with that? BUT heres the thing, if I run this exact HTML page not through the internet, say I load it locally in Notepad++, then the bloacks draw correctly in IE.

What do you think is wrong? Maybe the browser has to download the images (& because they are large they take a while) so they cant be drawn for those 1st few frames because they are being downloaded?

Any information about whats going on would be extremely helpful so I know what to fix.

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Probably just slow rendering?? What version of IE are you testing this against? –  tjameson May 27 '11 at 3:03
@tjameson: Well its IE 7, but my boss says it does the same thing on his IE which is even earlier. But remember when I load the page locally (in the same version of IE) it works correctly. –  Mack May 27 '11 at 3:49
Well, IE7 and IE6 were not known to be fast browsers. IE9 is really the only usable browser released by Microsoft. You're running into slow rendering and slow JS interpreter problems. Preloading images may help as well as optimizing your code. Optimize DOM lookups wherever possible. –  tjameson May 27 '11 at 3:52

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