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I want to do sth. like:

#define TYPE uint32_t

THETYPE * ADDSUFFIX(getvalue) (THETYPE * pMem) {}

And I need to get uint32_t getvalueuint32_t (uint32_t * pMem) {} depends on what TYPE is.

How to make this work ?

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You want the "token pasting" operator, but it can get tricky when one of the operands is a parameter or a macro. This worked for me:

#define THETYPE uint32_t
#define ADDSUFFIX_2(x,y) x ## y
#define ADDSUFFIX_1(x,y) ADDSUFFIX_2(x,y)

THETYPE * ADDSUFFIX(getvalue) (THETYPE * pMem) {}

If you want getvalue_uint32_t, this works:


Also consider:

#define MKFUNC(type,func,param) \
type * ADDSUFFIX_1(func ## _,type) (type * param)
MKFUNC(uint32_t,getvalue,pMem) { }
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It seems a common problem. I just found stackoverflow.com/questions/1597007/… –  Galaxy May 27 '11 at 2:00
I want to use gcc -D U32 -c x.c -o x32.o and gcc -D U64 -c x.c -o x64.o. And I think this should be a way of implying template functions in C. –  Galaxy May 27 '11 at 2:15

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