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I'm using intellij CE 10.5 for my android projects and ran into a weird error. My project can be built by Eclipse and Ant, and also compiles under intellij. However, all the xml and manifest files are showing: xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android URI not registered in Settings | IDE Settings | Resources.

I tried ignore and manually create this but it didn't work out.

Anyone ran into similar issue? I didn't have problem w/ android SDK 2.x but this is a honeycomb 3.0 project, so just wondering if that matters.


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It seems like you should use src folder to view files: stackoverflow.com/questions/16883427/… –  ITisha Jul 16 '13 at 9:03

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Looks like If I change an external library: AndroidManifest, cannot parse file question.

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yes, i ended up just creating a new project and the bug is gone :| –  lordhong May 27 '11 at 16:45

If IntelliJ IDEA cannot find the specified DTD or schema, they are marked as errors. In this case special intention actions are suggested to:

Resolve the reference, if it is represented as a URL. Map a URI to a local file. Permanently ignore it. An ignored URI will not be highlighted as an error any more, until removed from the ignore list. Add Xsi schema location for external resources. A special attribute is added to point namespace location. Configure schema for your XML file. The schema for your XML file can be configured based on detecting schemas located locally in project sources or libraries.

From here--> http://goo.gl/heQCv

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I accidently opened the layout xml file which is in out folder (has output files for compile), not in res folder. Check that you opened the layout xml file in resource folder. The file name is same.

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For me the problem was having a duplicate of my main module in the project structure. I removed the duplicate using the "-" button in the same dialog, and the problem got fixed.

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