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I recently installed Java's JDK and Python in my Windows 7 system. I wanted to access both programs from the command line (whether it be cmd or cygwin) so I used the PATH global variable and entered the path to my JDK. What can I do so that python and JDK are accessed by PATH? What I am doing now is changing the PATH variable every time. Thanks

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I'm confused. Are you switching out the paths between the JDK and Python? If that's the case, you can have both paths set in your system's PATH variable. Example: C:\jdk-install\;C:\python-install

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This was exactly what I was looking for –  Julio Diaz May 27 '11 at 12:36
  • Right click on "My Computer"
  • Choose "Properties"
  • Click on "Advanced System Settings"
  • Click on "Environment Variables"
  • Find PATH and set it appropriately

Note that only processes started after you change the path will see the change.

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If I change the path, then I will have to use only one or the other –  Julio Diaz May 27 '11 at 12:36

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