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The friendly URLs are stored in the database for all the pages where they are used, but how would I define a friendly URL for this page:


so that it serves as (and links TO it look like) this:


Unlike all the other PS core pages, I don't know where the link_rewrite value would STORED and ACCESSED by PS so that this page/link behaves just like all the other friendly URL pages/links. I realize that AFTER it is defined in the database, then I would make a rewrite rule entry in .htaccess so that browsers will fetch the actual content from the non-friendly address. I need to get it DEFINED first, though.

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Usually its within the Tools > CMS section there is the meta tags and URL if I am not mistaken...

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In prestashop 1.4 you can set this under Preferences > SEO & URLs in admin.

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Solved by creating a file in root called faq.php with the following code:


Then SEO & URL tab should pick up faq.php in root which can be given a friendly URL.

Once assigned a friendly URL regenerate an ".htaccess"

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