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I'm trying to enable credit card billing in a rails app, and I receive the following error when trying to create the order: undefined method 'has_key?' for #<ActiveMerchant::Billing::CreditCard:0x244b3d8>

The referenced code is the purchase method in the order model:

class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ActiveMerchant::Billing

  def credit_card
    @credit_card ||= ActiveMerchant::Billing::CreditCard.new(   
    :type           => card_type,
    :number         => card_number,
    :month          => card_expires_on.month,
    :year               => card_expires_on.year,
    :first_name => first_name,
    :last_name  => last_name,
    :verification_value  => card_verification

  def purchase

    response = GATEWAY.authorize(price_in_cents, credit_card)
    if response.success?
      GATEWAY.capture(price_in_cents, response.authorization)
      cart.update_attribute(:purchased_at, Time.now)
      raise StandardError, response.message



I'm using a Paypal Express gateway, for which the Active Merchant library defines purchase as follows:

  def purchase(money, options = {})
    requires!(options, :token, :payer_id)

    commit 'DoExpressCheckoutPayment', build_sale_or_authorization_request('Sale', money, options)

  def build_get_details_request(token)
    xml = Builder::XmlMarkup.new :indent => 2
    xml.tag! 'GetExpressCheckoutDetailsReq', 'xmlns' => PAYPAL_NAMESPACE do
      xml.tag! 'GetExpressCheckoutDetailsRequest', 'xmlns:n2' => EBAY_NAMESPACE do
        xml.tag! 'n2:Version', API_VERSION
        xml.tag! 'Token', token


  def build_sale_or_authorization_request(action, money, options)
    currency_code = options[:currency] || currency(money)

    xml = Builder::XmlMarkup.new :indent => 2
    xml.tag! 'DoExpressCheckoutPaymentReq', 'xmlns' => PAYPAL_NAMESPACE do
      xml.tag! 'DoExpressCheckoutPaymentRequest', 'xmlns:n2' => EBAY_NAMESPACE do
        xml.tag! 'n2:Version', API_VERSION
        xml.tag! 'n2:DoExpressCheckoutPaymentRequestDetails' do
          xml.tag! 'n2:PaymentAction', action
          xml.tag! 'n2:Token', options[:token]
          xml.tag! 'n2:PayerID', options[:payer_id]
          xml.tag! 'n2:PaymentDetails' do
            xml.tag! 'n2:OrderTotal', localized_amount(money, currency_code), 'currencyID' => currency_code

            # All of the values must be included together and add up to the order total
            if [:subtotal, :shipping, :handling, :tax].all?{ |o| options.has_key?(o) }
              xml.tag! 'n2:ItemTotal', localized_amount(options[:subtotal], currency_code), 'currencyID' => currency_code
              xml.tag! 'n2:ShippingTotal', localized_amount(options[:shipping], currency_code),'currencyID' => currency_code
              xml.tag! 'n2:HandlingTotal', localized_amount(options[:handling], currency_code),'currencyID' => currency_code
              xml.tag! 'n2:TaxTotal', localized_amount(options[:tax], currency_code), 'currencyID' => currency_code

            xml.tag! 'n2:NotifyURL', options[:notify_url]
            xml.tag! 'n2:ButtonSource', application_id.to_s.slice(0,32) unless application_id.blank?
            xml.tag! 'n2:InvoiceID', options[:order_id]
            xml.tag! 'n2:OrderDescription', options[:description]


It looks like the credit_card argument in my order model is being treated as the options on which has_key? is being called in the Active Merchant library, whose CreditCard code doesn't define has_key?. I'm using the latest version of Active Merchant.

Any help?

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You're passing through credit_card as options, which seems wrong to me. Try to find how you should be passing credit_card. This code is expecting options to be a hash. –  Ryan Bigg Jun 2 '11 at 20:47
Looks as though a bad argument is being supplied to the purchase method in the latter code block. Can you show the code from which you call said method? (It doesn't look to me as though the first code block calls purchase in the latter block.) –  JellicleCat Jun 20 '11 at 18:22
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